Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Members

My sister wrote a lovely little blog post recently entitled "Les souvenirs de chemin." Not to be outdone by my younger sister, I decided to seize inspiration from her stroll down memory lane and then one-up her. What any good sister should do. My inspiration is telling me to share this clip with you, in case you're unfamiliar with Penelope.

Back to topic. Here's my train of thought: "Les souvenirs de chemin"--->"Les chemins de l'amour": a Poulenc song Karlie performed on her senior recital at USU--->On said recital, Karlie dedicated a song to me. I teared up, having flown out from Michigan to be present. The lyrics of said song were this:

I hold your hand in mine, dear,
I press it to my lips.
I take a healthy bite
From your dainty fingertips.

My joy would be complete, dear,
If you were only here,
But still I keep your hand
As a precious souvenir.

The night you died I cut it off.
I really don't know why.
For now each time I kiss it
I get bloodstains on my tie.

I'm sorry now I killed you,
For our love was something fine,
And till they come to get me
I shall hold your hand in mine.

Needless to say, it wasn't the sentimental tune the dedication may have suggested. But I get ahead of myself. After dedication, emotions--->appearance of our 12th family member and emotional evolution from tears to laughter. One more arrow just for good measure--->SEVERED ARM!

Not your average thought process, but my family doesn't exactly exhibit regular behavior. Many a family memory/event can be directly associated with the severed arm, also known as the groping hand. Along with its debut on the recital stage, the severed arm was also the highlight of Karlie's wedding, the entertainment at a happening Michigan Valentine's Day party, and most recently the gift the Houston Aloha hotel bestowed on my father upon his visit and birthday. The groping hand is most frequently found in showers, beds---as even the grandparents can attest, and packages. It has made the trip from Utah to Michigan multiple times, in both suitcases and packages, and it's made its way to Houston several times as well. For being a dismembered member, it's quite well traveled.

I had a friend visit from San Francisco this winter who came up with the genius idea of the hand emerging from my attic, much to my roommate's joy. One of the highlight's of my life may have been when my nephew and the groping hand were first united. Hearing the word's "severed arm" escape from his lips made my heart melt.

Reminiscing about the severed arm truly leads to a lovely little jaunt down memory lane, for which I must thank my sister and her post. And despite my blatant claims at one-upping, I will say that I think Karlie wins this round. I will never forget the moment when she stood on the recital stage in a beautiful gown, concluding a wonderful recital with a stage hand bringing out the severed arm on a silver platter. Perhaps you're now catching the brilliance of her song selection "I take your hand in mine."

For the record, the groping hand/severed arm is currently missing. Watch yourself. Who knows where it may turn up next?
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