Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scenic Seattle

The best part about Seattle is the sunshine. Seriously. Everyone talks up the rain and gloom so much that every day it's sunny seems like a treasure. Despite the fact that I've experienced more sun that rain here. Anyway...when sun comes you take advantage, get out of doors, and run with it. Literally. On my last sunny Free Day (when you get one a week, they always come in caps), I decided to go for a long run, with my camera in tow to capture some of the fall foliage. And divert my mind from that fact that I was attempting more mileage than ever before. RESULT (In Sequence):

Alright, so maybe the battle wounds photo was not actually TAKEN at that point, but that would have been the place in the picture series where my lanky self decided to become one with the sidewalk. The camera survived with some scratches and I'm only missing a portion of my right hand. But I will advise the following: while photography and running are lovely hobbies INDIVIDUALLY, perhaps they are best left to their independent practices. In addition to the 6'0" of ground I covered with my body, I did pull off 16.22 miles on foot, with the Injury occurring around Mile 9 (Michael Scott, anyone???). So perhaps the road and this Rhodes each gained a point that fateful Monday morning. Though given my motto of the following day, "I'm broken," I'm inclined to think that perhaps the road has a slight advantage. For now...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sleeping in Seattle

Of course there had to be some type of reference to the 1993 classic during my Seattle residency...

There. Finished. Out of my system. Except for this over-sized, baby-blue, "SinS" nightshirt that could rock my fashion world. (Abbreviation of my own device. Not actually a reference to misdemeanors.)

But here's the truth: I am far from Sleepless in Seattle. In fact, I'm pretty sure I average more sleep nightly than I have in the past 5 years. Excluding visits to home when my sole purpose has been to maintain a vegetable-like state for as long as possible. Nights here might not always be the most restful, given my upstairs neighbor's pacing and "other" habits, but the hours are there! And I'm still working. Sleep and work...mixing? A novel idea, and one which made me think. So please bear with me as I wax philosophical for a moment. One of my favorite quotes from Henry David Thoreau:

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

Alright, so maybe I'm not entirely in the woods at the moment. But Seattle's as woodsy as my life's going to get for awhile, and it's given me reason for contemplation. I've been so busy the past five years or so. Might as well make that at least nine. Round up to ten if you like. Practicing, studying, career-planning, dreaming, working---all healthy endeavors. But somehow, in the business of becoming, I lost track of what to become. No, I'm not having a complete identity crisis. I only occasionally consider drastic career shifts, but on a typical day I'm beyond content with my choice of profession. And there have been so many adventures in the past few regrets there. But in Seattle I've been given the gift of time and, while there's still plenty of practicing, working, dreaming, etc. I also sleep appropriate amounts. I run more than I ever have in my life and enjoy it. I find time for yoga class. And I read. It's always been one of my true loves, but somehow I forgot to fit it in. Or felt the only justifiable reading material should be academic. So much to learn!

And of course there is. And always will be. But at the moment, I'm learning how to let go a bit. There's no need to be victimized by the "To Do" lists and bucket lists which I so dearly love. Somehow in simplifying and eliminating the stress of becoming, I feel like I'm beginning to be myself again. The version which I know was ever-present, but perhaps slightly buried in a whirlwind of activity. Using that as a departure point, I've found a heightened perspective of who I would like to become, the characteristics I hope to develop, and the true successes I aim to achieve in this life. Another favorite quote from a great talk:
We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.
Work is necessary. Progression and achievement should be ever-present. But I don't want to be known for becoming a busy person.'s to the woods. Here's to simplifying. The world will go on turning at its same speed, but we set our individual tempos. In slowing mine a bit, I've found clarity, sharpened senses, and enhanced enjoyment. It's about the essentials. Finding time. Relationships. Family. Self-discovery. Calm. Peace. And, of course, sleeping. In Seattle.

Friday, October 7, 2011

One Plate Wonder

Tired of your kitchen??? Ready for a makeover? Look no further--the One Plate Wonder is HERE!

Instead of the chaos and clutter of four burners, opt for ultimate simplicity! With the OPW, you can avoid multi-tasking completely, keeping only one proverbial pot (or fat) on the fire at a time. Not only will you find yourself cooking in a zen-like trance, your creativity will know no bounds as you concoct creations in one universal pot. Space a problem? The One Plate Wonder will introduce you to options never before considered:

Rather than attempt to restrain the One Plate Wonder's warmth, look to more effectively utilize your home space. Mushrooms are happier near ground level. And a dish drainer on the floor can only mean one thing...a cleaner floor. (DISCLAIMER: carpet damage and potential minor flooding may occur at your own risk). In minimal time with maximized effort, your OPW will put food for the family on the table. (DISCLAIMER: Best suited to families of 1 or less). Enjoy with some Virgin Lemonade and you're on your way to domestic bliss!

The One Plate Wonder is available at a Seattle hotel near you! Time to head West...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Homeless and The Happy

Home is a fluid concept at the moment. Belongings in one location, my physical being in another, and my mind and my heart with loved ones across the globe. Transitions (do they ever end?!) are never easy and embracing the lifestyle of a freelancer is not my natural predisposition. As it turned out, my first full day of work in Seattle was rainy, wet, and slightly depressing, primarily due to the aforementioned adjectives. Not a good place to begin life on the road. Miraculously, however, the rest of the week looked more like this:

Life-changing. A Tuesday-morning run along the waterfront in perfect temperatures and I was happy to set up "home" for 8 weeks. My Seattle "To-Do" list has since been made, and my effort to experience a new city and its culture are well underway. Here are a few of the easily-identifiable perks of said city and my situation:

1. I work with talented people. Making music. LOVE this job.

2. I no longer have to do my hair. My first day in town I was waiting for a bus, standing not far from a couple of bearded, homeless men. Who I later realized (after eavesdropping on their conversation---how else do you get to know a city?!) were not remotely homeless. But they looked it, I swear. I have since come to the realization that here we are active. Here we are earthy. Here we walk and bike and become one with the outdoors. And here we're fine looking like we're all those things. Better believe I'm on that bandwagon!!! I no longer dry my hair and I've already purchased some new exercise wear. Nevermind that I'm currently scouring Craigslist to buy a bike. Judge away readers...I'll be sporting the homeless and happy look without hesitation. Perhaps re-termed "earthy" in an attempt at delicacy, propriety, etc.

3. I live in a hotel. Which means someone cleans my house once a week. I'll take it.

4. I walk everywhere (unless that bike purchase works out...) and everywhere involves hills. Not something I EVER encountered in Texas. Hello glutes. Need I say more about that perk?

5. There is a vibrant chapter of the University of Michigan Alumni Club in Seattle, as discovered when I caught the first half of Michigan's 58-0 victory over Minnesota at a local sporting establishment. GO BLUE!

6. Seattle is beautiful. Lest you doubt, see photographic evidence below.

In an effort to work our way through the Seattle "To-Do" list, my friend and I opted for the multi-trip ride up the Space Needle: Day and Night.

Perhaps better documented as such:

Here's to seven more weeks---Homeless and happy!
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