Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Oklahoma Edition

I travel a fair amount for work at the moment. Which you may or may not know, based on the infrequency with which I blog. At the moment, I am in the middle. See below.

Alright, perhaps it's not RIGHT in the middle. But pretty darn close. To narrow down the red region a bit, I'm in Tulsa, the upper right-hand corner. Which has felt a bit like the middle of nowhere. Once again, no internet. And no television whatsoever. The real kicker is that the nearest Costco is 204 miles away...how else does one define civilization?!? I am, however, surrounded by every size of WalMart imaginable. And, miraculously, I've already found a new boyfriend.

Finally, someone who meets the height requirements! Although he can be a bit cold at times...

I've been running a number of times, to bond with the city and its inhabitants. Right now it's brown and ugly, but I'm hoping it will transform to this before I leave. Sunshine and greenery always improve my opinion of a town.

Fingers crossed.

If you were considering a vacation to Tulsa in the near future, I will say this: I enjoy the number of accents I've heard. Despite having lived in Texas, I feel that I was somewhat sheltered from a real drawl, and I thoroughly enjoy the variety of vowels I hear here. Additionally, I attended the Tulsa Symphony concert on Friday which was themed around the "American West." What was the encore? A rousing rendition of none other than "Oklahoma!" I like a little state pride. It creates the real cultural experience.

While I'm doing my best (maybe) to settle in here, I can't help think but think longingly of my most recent adventure which was titled "My New Life." I'll leave you in suspense, wondering what said life may have been. And with a half-promise that I'll write about it in the near future.
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