Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Sound of Music: An Unexpected Review

I woke up yesterday morning and was surprised to see that I had 15 new iMessages. Surprising as it may seem, I can normally make it through a night in Russia with considerably less textual activity. When I looked more closely, I realized I had been included on a group conversation that consisted of 2 unidentified numbers. Given my country hopping, the switching of phones, and plain old life, I may have missed transferring a contact or two. But two who ended up in the same chain? Unlikely. I found the following conversation to be highly entertaining:

- Okay...what do you think?

- Sorry...but I am really having trouble with it...Carrie's acting is pretty bad and I really miss the kids. scene with My Favorite Things. Why did they give that scene to Mother Superior? Hope I can make it through the production.

(SR: Who is Carrie? Maybe a daughter?? High school musical, likely.)

- I'm struggling too! Did not like Carries singing on lonely goatherd at all. The other actors with musical theater experience are doing well, however.

(SR: Note to self---reference lonely goatherd in messages as often as possible. Yes and yes.)

- can really tell the difference.

- I am such a purist when it comes to the sound of music...I just can't get past the changes!

(SR: I really had no idea that the Sound of Music Purist Society was alive and well. Noted.)

- Me too...interestingly I am reading an interview with the directors and they claim that there are absolutely no changes from the Broadway production.

(SR: This punctuation is really keeping me on the Note to self: don't overuse the ellipses.)

- Audra McDonald did well on Climb Evry Mountain...a glimmer of hope!

(SR: Of course she did. Have you ever heard her sing??)

- Yes...climb Every Mt. Was one bright moment. The romance between Captain and Maria is pretty unbelievable.

(SR: Let's not get too crazy optimistic here....and what...does...unbelievable mean in this context?)

- yes I don't believe it for as second!! Couldn't finish the show...too much for me. Here's hoping Carrie Underwood will find her head voice someday!

(SR: Answer to the above. And I have to know at least one of these people. They just threw in that head voice comment as if they knew what they were talking about. Which we at least pretend to in my profession.)

- Rhonda went to bed a half hour ago and I have been doing dishes...couldn't take it any more. Too bad I was really hoping it would be good. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday evening!

(SR: Rhonda? I take it back. Do I even know a single Rhonda? Nope. And I'm not sure Saturday evening is on. Just for the record.)

Being in the field of music making, it took only a quick login to the almighty Facebook to decipher what had been the root of this conversation, a live broadcast of the Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood. And of course there were many opinions to be had on the subject. Mine? Even not having seen it, I consider myself thoroughly entertained.

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