Friday, May 4, 2012

Kool Kids say KC

The best way to gain an appreciation for the natives is to blend in with them.* You don't want to put them on their's like observing animals in their natural habitat. Absolute stealth is required. While I am not willing to share ALL of my stealth skills with the Internet sector, I will let you in on one tip acquired in one of my recent residence. Kansas City.

The word Kansas City frequently inspires immediate confusion. Kansas is such a great state after all...WAIT! It is in Kansas, right?! Right. AND wrong. Kansas City, KS is part of the Kansas City, MO greater metropolitan area. In my mind, that's one Kansas City too many. For our purposes here, Kansas is irrelevant, so let us be established in Missouri. But, it's not Kansas City, MO people. It's KC.

TIP: Learn the Lingo.

KC and I were tight. Immediately. I walked into my house (hotel by definition but my home in my dictionary) and fell in love immediately. Kitchen, couch, large & comfy bed with many pillows (my personal favorite), a fireplace AND internet. And cable. Hello civilization, goodbye Oklahoma. Location of said house? Also prime. Directly off of the country's first outdoor mall, the Country Club Plaza. I feel classy even typing the words country and club in such a context.

My second KC home was equally beautiful. Although I didn't see a fireplace anywhere...

I first discovered the art of BBQ in Texas so it's likely my heart will forever belong to Rudy's. But I had no objection to experiencing some of KC's offerings. I went for legenday: Arthur Byrant's (pictured below). And convenience: Jack Fiorello's (located between work and home. Not pictured. How many BBQ pics can one post handle?)

The first night I found myself in KC I was exhausted. For about two weeks I was employed in Tulsa and KC simultaneously, which meant quite a few 4-hour commutes. Compound that with brain fatigue...learning some seriously crazy music in a matter of days will do that to you...and all I wanted to do was crash. But my inner adventurer rose to the occasion and had Siri find me some of the top desserts in KC. I opted for the one pictured below---a ginger cinnamon donut and chocolate pudding sprinkled with sea salt. I would not say that any of the above items are particular favorites of mine, but in combination they were stunning. Yes, stunning.

I'd never really heard anything about Kansas City, MO. It definitely hadn't made my list of desirable places to visit. Or work for that matter. But with all honesty, I can safely say that I love Kansas City. It was unexpected, but I believe that's how some of the best romance comes about.

*The term "natives" is used without reference to a specific breed of person, but rather a geographically located tribe.

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