Thursday, March 1, 2012

My New Life

One of the beauties of my current existence is the ability to start a "new life" approximately every four weeks or so. New city, new company, new colleagues, new music...I just pack my bags, switch passports Matt Damon-style, and wonder what the Bourne series would have been with an operatic twist. ANSWER: Less successful.

In my recent lives, I've found myself in Salt Lake City, Houston, Tulsa, and--the current--Kansas City. But my favorite new life? That of a seafarer. Welcome to My New Life: The Cruise Edition

Traveling is something I do often. Vacationing? Not as frequently. So a weekend girl's getaway from Houston provided the perfect calm to what has become this Spring's busy storm. Both of us were virgin cruisers (in the traditional sense please) so a 4-night cruise from Galveston to Cozumel seemed a lovely introduction.

And it was. The following picture seems to best embody our carefree existence.

Frozen yogurt machines, people. I'm getting one for my house someday. It can sit next to my waffle maker and chocolate fountain. Other food highlights would include the veggies delivered through room service...I still think those red peppers were delicious...the chocolate milk, bulk gummy candy, and some amazing, melty-chocolatey, cakey, dessert goodness. There was definitely food in abundance, so we were good enough to try out the gym. Running without quite having attained sea legs = slightly disastrous, but a definite achievement.

Other adventures included high-speed sea races in Cozumel, and some work in "foreign affairs."

Some language practice...(we did manage to pull off a conversation in Spanish, courtesy alla Italiano).

And a last minute snorkeling expedition that ended with our credit card being swiped in a jeep, and a ride back to our pier from the mayor's personal assistant. A mix of spontaneity and planning produce the best adventures by far.

Best of all, lots of people watching AND lots of quality time in our cabin, sleeping, gabbing, and doing NOTHING. Not my area of expertise, but it can be quite brilliant as it turns out. Especially when you have animals for company.

I loved our "cruise life," as we frequently referenced it. Even moreso when the craziness of my work life set in the day of our return. To be honest, though, I love the madness of my life. And it makes experiences like The Cruise Edition seem that much better. Here's to vacation!
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