Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Site for Your Eyes

I claim no internet expertise. Whatsoever. As my blog clearly testifies, I have invested little time in exploring the design options of a webpage. Little might be an understatement. BUT, despite this shortcoming, I have finally managed to finish my new website. It's successfully up and running (fingers crossed that that lasts) and you can find it at:


It's still in the early stages, so click on over and then send some feedback my way!

In compliance with the business practices of my field, I also had new headshots/media photos taken. Some are included on the website, and a few others I'm posting below. If you love me, feel free to say so. But seriously...if you have a favorite, opinions are much appreciated. This goes for those on www.stephanierhodes.net AND this blog. Critique away!

Just keepin' it real...


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