Saturday, June 2, 2007

Updates for my Daddy!!!

This entry is officially dedicated to my father. Apparently he reads my blog! I have been rather lax with my entries lately, as he pointed out, so here come the updates.

That being said, my week has seemed pretty ordinary. Granted I'm in France, so ordinary's a bit different, but...The weather has been a bit bizarre. "Mistral" winds have hit, bringing in cold fronts and rain at random points throughout the week. That's contributed to my "home" lifestyle, because I don't fancy being out and about in the rain much. Also, I've had a great deal of homework as of late. I haven't had to conjugate imperfect subjunctive French verbs in a long while and I'm definitely rusty! But mostly, I love ordinary. Not in the negative connotation, but in the sense that I'm settled in here. I truly feel an attachment to Nice and the people here that I know and love. It's hard to believe that I'll be leaving it all behind in only a week.

Today was a bit more eventful...I went to Monaco! But that's another entry. :)

PICTURES OF THE WIND-TOSSED MEDITERRANEAN: One of the few times the beach has been empty!!!

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