Monday, February 25, 2008

Luck o' the Irish

Today I'm stressed. And it's because of these three men. They call themselves the Celtic Tenors and starting on Wednesday they will be my employers. Only for 12 days, but still...

I got an email from Daryl Simpson (on the left) on February 8th, informing me that the C.T. were in need of a pianist for a portion of their U.S. tour--apparently their normal M.D. had to be out of town for that stretch--and asking if I was interested in the job. Fiona Murphy, an Irish mezzo-soprano I worked with in Houston, recommended me to Daryl whom she went to school with. I WAS interested but needed to know more. Especially since the C.T. do a mix of classical, Irish, pop and sacred music and pop and Irish are FAR from being my specialty. By that evening I'd gotten an offer and by Sunday I accepted. Who can resist an Irish accent?

So...I leave on tour Wednesday. I miss a week of school---stressful!---and the week I get back just happens to be one of the craziest of the semester. And it turns out that some of the C.T. music is illegible and based on my ability to improv--not one of my strengths. I'm a bit overwhelmed. So what better thing to do than blog about it?


  1. Like your title says... you can and will have the "Luck o'the Irish"! You are amazing Steph and you can do it!! Plus now you get to brag about your amazing skills and that they are so good that the Irish Tenors called you up to help them out! How neat is that!?!

  2. Do you realize how awesome your life is. I am glad you are my friend. :)

  3. One more tasty treat before you take off. I think it's called hoof in mouth. Nothing so bad, and besides, I'm sure they have humor in Ireland. xo

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    On behalf of the moderators of the Celtic Tenors Yahoo! Forum, I want to wish you lots of luck on your upcoming tour with the guys, and tell you not to worry.
    We're sure you'll do great on the piano, and as long as you can take some friendly banter between three utterly charming but slightly mischievous Irishmen and their equally naughty American tour manager, you'll have a blast!

    Give the guys and Donna our love, and have a great time!


    Rianne (from the Netherlands) and Barb (from Canada)

  5. WAHOO!
    This is awesome. Revel the feeling of being so darn productive - how many St. Patrick's day do you actually spend touring with an irish group? um, pretty awesome if you ask me!

  6. I'm sure you will do wonderfully...judging from what sondra has told me! Good luck or break a leg or whatever they tell pianists! And hello...from Utah! =)

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