Friday, May 23, 2008


I have a confession. Until just a couple days ago, I never realized that "Wienerschnitzel" was called as such do to it's derivation in "Wien." Or Vienna as we folk call it back home. So, yes, I'm ignorant. I'm hopeful that until now, you were as well, only as a testament that I'm not alone in the world.

Since I've visited several cathedrals in the past 48 hrs (if even that) I feel inclined to make one other confession. While I enjoy travelling, I don't enjoy sight-seeing. I hate feeling guilty for not wanting to be on my feet all day. I feel obligated to spend every second seeing things that blur into indistinction after cramming as many sights in as possible. So I don't do it. I'm a weak sight-seer.

My roommate on the other hand is not. I actually have two at the moment in my surprisingly fabulous hostel. One is a 20-year old med student from Canada (first language French) and the other is from Germany, here to visit for the weekend. The Canadian, Jennifer, has her guidebook and is on a mission which I totally respect. Carola, on the other hand, is the one I spent today with. We grabbed breakfast at the hostel, went to the Morgenarbeit mit Musik (show horse excersing) and then toured the Hofberg palace, focusing on the Sisi museum and the silver collection. Then we stopped for lunch which consisted of Viennese "Sachertorte" and a Diet Coke. It was lovely. I choose to eat like that. Now I'm home for a rest before braving at night at the Staatsoper. Totally psyched.

It's the home for a rest part that I thoroughly enjoy. I think I don't mind sight seeing if I don't feel constrained and obligated. So maybe I'm a bit too strong-willed. Regardless, Wien is fantastic. My German is rapidly improving with Carola's help and I'm slowly overcoming my fear of speaking Deutsch in public. Slowly. I'm running out of patience with the whole "pay-by-the-minute" internet thing, however, and as a result am looking forward to my apartment with free wireless in Italy.

And so I've confessed, I've contemplated, I've narrated, and now I bid you "Auf Wiedersehen." Which has nothing to do with any of the above.

***Pictures forthcoming: when I'm not on a public computer.***


  1. Steph you are hilarious. However, if I recall some time spent in Geneva and Florence, you are the queen of organizing sight-seeing extravaganza! Also I would like you to take a moment to think of that wonderful breakfast that we shared....ahhhh. Mom says "thanks for CHOOSING to eat well". SO on another unrelated note... I AM ENGAGED! Happened last night, wished I could have called you. Mom says you are phoning home tomorrow, though, and I will tell you all about it then, whether you care to hear about it or no:) I love you and I wish I was there with you. We had some amazing times abroad. I love you Steph you are an amazing sister! tty soon.

  2. Have you got 'visit London' on your lists? Martin


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