Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things happen. People lose their heads. In this scenario it happened to be the groom, but in the Rhodes' home, you never know if you might be next. Not to imply that we live in a hazardous environment--I did just return from the land of Middle-East terrorism--but I will say that the stress of two weddings in two weeks creates a bit of chaos. Two weddings you say? I could handle that easily. Well, compound the insanity with a move.

While our home isn't exactly mobile, in about a month our family will be. For some time my parents have kept a small "For Sale by Owner" sign in our frontyard. (FSBO for those of you who prefer professional terminology). With the market being what it is/was, this didn't mean much. But 2 days before my return from Israel, I was informed that the house hadsold. As the new owners would like to be in as soon as the possible, it was expedient that we find another home. This picture was clearly my first choice, but it didn't seem to meet all the families' needs. For those interested, the Utah Rhodes' camp will be moving up the hill and down the street from where we currently live in Alpine. I will maintain my current residence in Ann Arbor, but rest assured that my transient lifestyle will continue and my location will change in approximately 8 months.

With the sale of our home has come frenzied house cleanings, inspections, and house shopping, all within the two week/two wedding time frame. Welcome to our lives. Lest you misinterpret this entry and it's suggestive photos, no one has lost any heads. The brides are in fact behaving admirably. Above all, my mother is nothing short of a miracle worker, preparing countless intricate details for each of her daughters "days" and maintaining a functional (mostly) household at the same time.

This is a representation of my mother's exceptional talents.
For those concerned about my well-being amidst the insanity, fear not. My tribute speech for Karlie's wedding is nearly prepared and I skillfully escaped tying bows around the 300 guest gift boxes by not so skillfully tying bows. Basically, life is good. 2 days to the first wedding and only another 16 to the second! Heads should be able to stay intact for such a time frame. Thankfully I'll be here to witness any loss of limbs or sanity, while enjoying the beauty of my sisters' nuptials.


  1. I like that your blog is full of kind and considerate cleverness! Good luck with chaos. Can't wait to see you!

  2. All I can say is WHOA!!! I can't believe that you're family is moving in the midst of the wedding chaos. Good luck! And try to steer clear of any hungry dinosaurs!


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