Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Extraterrestrial Evidence

If you were wondering if "returning to Michigan" is synonymous with "dropping off the face of the planet," this entry is to reassure you that it is. Which makes me scientific evidence that life exists beyond this Earth. Add that to a resume!
POINT: I am alive, and slowly taking control of the life that awaited me here in this northern wilderness.

The semester started almost before I arrived, my first meeting with the conductor of our fall opera (my teacher) was scheduled for the Sunday before school started. I arrived Friday evening, and immediately set up camp at the music school. Aside from the time I spend sleeping--which I value VERY much--I have maintained that camp and done so at least somewhat effectively. The opera's going well, my Russian's improving rapidly and I now know a plethora of words that I'm sure will be enormously helpful in everyday conversation: eternity, sermon, fate, duel, etc. But who ever said that opera was practical?

Speaking of practical, I've started filling out JOB applications. Yes, it might seem a bit strange to you that I would actually abandon my calling in the classroom and my short-term summer jobs, but the time has come...maybe. More school is not entirely out of the question as the DMA program here is quite compelling. many jobs do you have to apply for that require a headshot?!?! Well, ALL of mine do. Welcome to the world of performance! So while I was in UT I did a quick shoot with an amazing photographer and instead of doing JUST headshots, we decided to have a good time. She just happened to have a leopard print umbrella on hand...
Here are a few of the pics:

You can check out more of Brooke's work here or on her blog. She's fantastic (and you'll probably see some gorgeous pictures of my sister Dani's wedding as well).

So, here are the current cities under consideration for future residency. Let me know your preferences as I have yet to decide mine---though the decision will most likely be determined by a future employer. :)

Houston, TX
Washington D.C.
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Miami, FL

Here's to a crazy fall of auditions, opera, the "rebuilding" of the MI Wolverine football team, and my last year of life as a student! Maybe...


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  2. Stephanie, these are some great pictures! I hope you're doing well over in your part of Ann Arbor.

  3. i vote.... san fran. the pics are fantastic. i saw a thing on tv that said more often than not, beautiful people are chosen over the not as beautiful for jobs, raises and such. Survival of the fittest kinda theory. So...according to this you don't have much to worry about. Good luck!!

    ps- sorry about the Wolverine loss.

  4. Go Los Angeles!! If you come out here for any reason, be sure to stay with us. :) Glad to see you're doing so well. Best with the Russian!!

    Love Nonie

  5. You are HOOTT girl! Congrats ok your last year - and all the awesome options in front of you. Can't wait to see where you end up!

  6. Hey Steph! Pretty pictures. My vote is for San Fran or DC. I think San Fransisco is so beautiful and interesting albeit a bit flamboyant! Anyway, I think it's a good idea to jump out there in the work field and leave school behind. Something new that you actually get paid for (new concept right?). Love ya!

  7. You look hot. H-A-W-T. And I miss you. I wish I could FedEx myself to you with Maestro's letter. Hmm...


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