Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do svidaniya

At this point in the semester, survival is the objective. Successful survival is the ideal. Life starts feeling a bit like a video game: I have to beat a level and in order to do that I have to first destroy the freaky little monsters, then jump over a lake of fire, and finally kill the big bad creature at the end. (So what if I haven't played video games since the original Mario Bros when I was 8!) Point being, with each obstacle you pass successfully you're one step closer to winning. Or surviving in this metaphor.

Well...I totally made it past the freaky little monsters! I played my piano dress rehearsal for Eugene Onegin today and now I get to bow out and let the orchestra step in. I'm finished with the opera.


  1. done and done. congratulations my friend. let me know if you need a hand with the lake of fire -- they're pretty much my specialty

  2. So, you ever notice how when you beat one level, there's always another one, and it's always harder? Basically that's what I chose to get out of your analogy. I should stop moving forward in life, otherwise there will just be more bad guys and more pits of fire that are even harder to jump over. Oh, but congrats on finishing everything with the opera, enjoy the next level!

  3. I love that you conquered another level. The bouncing fire breathing monster is dead! And I love that we got to talk yesterday...can't wait to see you again!

  4. Um your blog is hilarious. NKay. And that totally sucks about your UPS package. Anyways I think while reading this I literally laughed out loud several times. Good to catch up and good to revisit that trailer picture from when we were moving. Also, I am appreciative of your posting Bon Qui Qui. Cause "remember that one time when he said he done hook up with Tracy an then he Di' it?" Enough said. Love you!


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