Friday, September 10, 2010

Ode to Costco

In a fit of inspiration following my first voyage to Costco as an ACTUAL member, I penned the following:

Oh beautiful, for spacious aisles,
For shelves of processed grain,
For purple grapes and chocolate cakes,
Your joys I can't explain!

Oh Costco! Oh Costco!
Thou shedst thou grace on me.
Bestow thy good, as none else could,
With all thy samples free!

Don't worry, that's only the first verse.

Oh beautiful, for dog and drink***,
Which leave me so well-fed.
Your dollar-fifty fantasy,
My heart could truly wed!

***"Dog" is actually short for hotdog in this scenario.

Oh Costco! Oh Costco!
I scarce can see a flaw.
Your fee, it seems, doth make me free,
Such love I ne'er foresaw

I've decided to abstain on Verse 3 and 4 until further inspiration strikes. If you feel like you have text equal to the occasion, by all means contribute.

Now I just need to find a tune to put it with...


  1. This may shock you, but I've never been to Costco! :(

  2. I don't know you but receive google updates on the word costco, as i am a manger for them. Thank you for your support in
    shopping and the ode to a company i love. Find out about the refer-a-friend program and get a reward for bringing in new members!

  3. I knew I loved you!! Costco is one of my favorite stores on Earth!!!!!!!!! I have deep love for the store. Just ask Matt. I spend an average of 2-3 hours there each time I go. AND....I hate hot dogs, but for some reason I love them at Costco! Oh how I love me some Costco! I miss you!


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