Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Site for Your Eyes

I claim no internet expertise. Whatsoever. As my blog clearly testifies, I have invested little time in exploring the design options of a webpage. Little might be an understatement. BUT, despite this shortcoming, I have finally managed to finish my new website. It's successfully up and running (fingers crossed that that lasts) and you can find it at:


It's still in the early stages, so click on over and then send some feedback my way!

In compliance with the business practices of my field, I also had new headshots/media photos taken. Some are included on the website, and a few others I'm posting below. If you love me, feel free to say so. But seriously...if you have a favorite, opinions are much appreciated. This goes for those on www.stephanierhodes.net AND this blog. Critique away!

Just keepin' it real...




  1. oh geez honey, do have braces in that picture? My visions of lake powell have somehow been shattered! But never fear, a mother's love is there no matter what. :)

  2. Matthew says: Hands down it's the fav! Lake Powell just wouldn't be same without ya.

  3. Steph your website look GREAT! I'm seriously SO proud of you and all that you've done. I feel honored to have had you as my accompanist at Utah State and will forever remember the fun times we had together at the yellow house. Miss you girl!

  4. Lake Powell pic for sure!! Talk about elegant! :) haha I love how you threw that in there. The 3rd and 6th are definitely my favorite, and just like your Mother's love....you have mine no matter what also! :)

  5. I like pictures 1, 4, 6, 8 and 7 the best. I just wish we were all blessed with lashes like yours, good gravey:) Way to go on your website, that is awesome!

  6. Um, Steph, you are still just a freakin bomb-shell. Plain and simple. Gorgeous pictures, and I'm so glad I now know you have a blog! You're amazing dear! Keep it real!

  7. Wow Steph. These pictures are amazing. YOu really are so beautiful.


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