Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moscow Never Sleeps

Right about now I'm starting to enjoy simple things. Especially things like short words, easy memorization...basically, anything but Russian. So when I was introduced to this song last night, I found it quite appealing.

The lyrics:

Moscow never sleeps.
Я люблю тебя! (I love you)

The End.

Keepin' it real. Real simple.

Whether or not you think this song is the coolest thing you've ever heard, where I heard it was pretty fantastic. Check it out.

The arts might not have been a very lucrative career choice (a quick glimpse at my current hostel/eclectic grocery collection would assure you of that), BUT I did land myself a set of friends that tend to have hookups. I try and return the favor when possible. Here in Moscow I have approximately 1 friend at the moment, but he happens to be a musician. Who works for the government. (The latter being particularly useful in this country). Cue great tickets to the War Music Festival concert on Red Square. With a complimentary blanket to ward off the chill.

The festival is part of the commemoration of the bicentennial of Napoleon's defeat in 1812. Military bands from several countries performed, offering up their national music and typically playing a Russian tribute as well (hence Moscow Never Sleeps). While there was no US delegation they did give us a nod musically. What with? Darth Vader's theme song. And Indiana Jones. I have to admit, I giggled. The tunes juxtaposed against the Red Square backdrop just didn't quite fit. Loved it.

It was a surreal evening I have to say. Walking around with a Houston friend in Moscow, taking in this amazing city, and then realizing its mine. It's not just a 10-day holiday, or even a month-long visit. For better and worse...and trust me, I'm feeling both...for now it's home.


  1. I was on the show last night! It was a great show! I liked the Polish orkest and drill team.

  2. WOW! That is so cool! What an experience!

  3. Those picture are beautiful! And home..well for NOW. And I think that is pretty amazing that you get to be experiencing so much.Hope work makes you love it all the more!


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