Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring in Moscow: Day 1

I couldn't help but laugh when I stepped outside today to officially greet the first day of "Spring."
Happy March!


  1. Oh, Stephanie, that is the very same what I did yesterday!
    Getting out, greeting spring and taking pictures while looking for small proves that it is actually arrived. I found some small flowers daring bravely to come out :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Blogger ate my comment.

    To recap. Australians declare March 1 the first day of autumn as well which I always find weird because this week the temperature won't dip below 30 (celcius) so it's not like the weather has cooled down any!! Why not wait for the equinox I say?

    The snow looks beautiful though - I'm sure you're sick of it by now. But man oh man, I miss it!

  3. It is beautiful. I miss the sound of crunching snow while walking. In the Middle East, the cold season (similar to spring temperatures in other parts of the world) is now over and we've officially just started turning on the air conditioning. It's starting to become hot and we have a month of two to enjoy this before the outdoors turn into a gigantic sauna.


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