Monday, May 21, 2007


Typically your first day of school story refers to your Kindergarten years, but let's make an exception to that rule for today. Today I started French school! From the moment I walked in the doors, registered, and took my placement test, there was not even a word of English. Talk about FANTASTIQUE! I rode the autobus to school with my new friend, Marie-Therese, who's from Mexico but has been to Houston several times and knows the area. We went to lunch together after school and she was unbelievably nice, saying that she liked hanging out with me because I reminded her of her daughters. Nevermind that her daughters are married and have 14-year old children! Obviously there's a bit of an age-gap between Marie-Therese and I. Perhaps even a "generation-gap" if you will. But since we're both French students age doesn't count quite as much.

Anyways, sorry about the tangent. Back to my first day at school. I was unbelievably nervous to take my placement test because after 3 days in France, I'm absolutely convinced that I know nothing. And when I sat down to take my test, I thought that was being confirmed once again. But amazingly enough, the longer I sat there, the more random grammar rules started surfacing in my head and some of the things I learned 5 years ago zere resurrected. I miraculously was placed in a Level 8 class, which freakin' rocks. Nevermind that I sound like a complete idiot when I'm speaking in the Level 8 class. :) That's what practice is for, eh?

So, basically I'm a nerd. I love school. I love that I'm studying French and I love that I know have classmates to practice speaking with. They're a lot less intimidating than the Frenchpeople you meet on the street every day. All though, I'm being to feel more confident conversing with them as well!

And as a side-note, Dani and I had a good 20-minute long conversation about religion and Mormonism last night! Talk about a completely different vocabulary. Anyone who knows me, though, knows how important my religion is to me so it was fun getting to explain things to her. Difficult, but fun and it definitely made for an interesting conversation. I need to get the missionaries to teach me a few vocab. words!


  1. HI! It sounds like you are haveing such great adventures! I am SO jealous. What fun memories you are making. Keep the updates coming. :o)

  2. Hey Steph,
    SOOOO what kinds of questions were on the placement test? What should I be reviewing? How hard was it? I am working with Une Fois Pour Toutes but I remembered that French is hard. haha I have forgotten several small important details. I love your blogs haha especially the friendly flyer. I laughed so hard. haha Ok well i have to go rake in some mula before I leave for France. Love you, SEE YOU SOON in GENEVA bebe!


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