Sunday, May 27, 2007


This might seem like a bit of a surprise after Friday's homesick entry, but I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE NICE!!! Yesterday I found the church and it was such a fantastic experience that I've seriously had thoughts of just moving here permanently. Probably would need to find a little funding to do so, but...I'm sure I could pick up a sponsor or two floating around Cannes right now. A few people in that town this weekend who I'm sure wouldn't miss a little extra.

Speaking of the festival, it was nice. Didn't spot any celebs, didn't really see any films...basically it was just a good opportunity to do some serious people-watching while enjoying the "ambiance" of the film festival. I've decided that if I ever am back in town for the film festival, I'll make sure to bring a couple guys in dark suits and shades with me. I'll put on a big, floppy hat, sunglasses, and heels, and see how many people I can fool into thinking that I'm someone trying to go "un-noticed." That would be true entertainment.

The more adventurous aspect of my trip to Cannes was the bus ride there. I had a kind older gentleman approach me at the bus stop to make sure he could catch the right bus. I hoped I was at the correct stop so I told him yes, although I had my personal doubts. Anyways, we ended up on the right bus, of course he sat by me, and OF COURSE he had the WORST breath I have ever smelled in my life. This wasn't a problem for the first 30 minutes of the trip, since we didn't talk, but once he started chatting...I've really been out of luck with the odor experiences lately. Needless to say he talked for the remainder of the 2 hour trip. He must have been really desparate to talk to someone, because I only caught about half the things he was saying since he had a bit of a slur to his speech and absolutely no enunciation. He was also potentially crazy because the things I DID understand were pretty far out there. One minute he was telling me about a new fountain in Antibes, the next about how many tourist were in town :), and then he started on a story about his friends who had lost their arms and legs. I gave one word answers periodically, nodded, smiled, etc. Remember Dean? But apparently one word answers were more than enough. Because he just kept going. At least I had an entertaining ride, although a somewhat rancid smelling one.

Sunday was church and it was great. I actually understood everything that went on, mostly because I know the English version well enough to figure out the French vocab that I didn't know. I even gave an answer in Gospel Principles! I loved hearing a meeting conducted in a different language though and it was interesting hearing sister's in Relief Society give their opinions on what a testimony was--the lesson was on an October conference talk. AND I got to play the piano!!! The hymns sound terrible in French! It's a gorgeous language, but if you actually sing French with all the nasality of the language, it's not so hot. Still, it was fun. Talked to the missionaries, got a B of M for Danielle, caught the correct buses to and from...chalk it up as a successful day!

And that was my weekend! Anyone else have a good one? Or an extra-long one for that matter? It's Memorial Day, right?


  1. Hey girl! I'm so glad you had a great experience at church. Isn't it nice that we have a constant wherever we go in the world? :o) You sure have been having a lot of stinky experiences though. Keep the funny stories coming!

  2. Nice to read about your experiences in Nice! I have heard it is such a beautiful city. And the opera thing was pretty cool - that would never happen in the US!


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