Monday, August 9, 2010

The blog in which They Love, I Eat, and...You Pray?

Occasionally time stands still, the world spins a bit slower, and life comes into focus. The mistakes of the past vanish, the concerns of the future fade and everything's calm. It's like the universe gave a deep sigh of contentment, and left you with basking in the sensation that all is right in the world.

Saturday evening, in the basement where poor reception has been known to wreak havoc on my life, I started a coaching and saw my silenced phone ring. Enter unprofessionalism--I grabbed my phone and actually ran out of the room. So long soprano. Not my typical behavior, for the record, but two of my dearest friends decided to jump continents this past week and moved from Vienna, Va to Vienna, Austria. And they were calling. Bless technology! While I would have been excited to hear from them on any occasion, I had my suspicions as to the motive for the call. Suspicions confirmed: THEY GOT ENGAGED!!! Unprofessionalism forgiven, right dear soprano? I knew it was coming and had heard the proposal plan earlier in the week, but all the same, when I hung up the phone I have to say I was a bit teary. Why? Well, who really knows, aside from the fact that it seems I've recently developed emotions. It might have something to do with the fact that they're perfect for each other. Two individually wonderful people who couldn't be more extraordinary--unless you put them together. They're both on the list of people I'd like to be like when I grow up. And while their paths to each other weren't exactly direct, the EM+LMB combination seems to be living proof that things can and do work out exactly as they should. That life's as it should be and all's right with the world.

I had a Nielsen's concrete--thank you Vienna for your delicious custard!---for dinner to celebrate. And went to the park to eat it in sunny bliss.

As if that weren't enough to prove that the universe is perfectly aligned, I also found a brilliant pair of jeans during Tax-Free Weekend. AND managed to score them at 40% off. AND they're a size smaller. Thanks to Jillian, summer stresses, and pescatarian exploration (I'm sure). Did I mention they're long enough? Talk about all being right with the world!

Could things get any better? Well, I did spend Friday night sharing popsicles with my nephew and spending a chill evening with the fam--including CM. AND I taught my first Russian diction class on Saturday. To continue with the overuse of the expression: all's right with the world.

And given my Zen opening (let's be honest---probably the least Zen person you know), I'm going to end by telling you I'm excited for this weekend and this movie:



  1. I totally teared up reading this, which will shock no one. You are so sweet! Can't wait to hang out in H-town this fall!


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