Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Words of Wisdom: Age 1

Keep your eye on the target. You will triumph over those who don't.

Ice cream does actually make everything better. And there's absolutely no need to share.

Do take the time to feel sand between your toes. You might find yourself amazed at how entertaining it can be.

When said sand manages to coat your potato chips, don't sweat it. The little things bring texture to life.

When on the campus of a prestigious university, it's best to blend in. Go for contemplative.

Water features will always be a wonder of the world.

There are people who love you enough to carry all your baggage. And you. Use them.

When asked for a kiss, remember: a wide-open mouth is always best.

A view means most when you've got a hand to hold.

Wisdom comes a lot earlier than one might think.


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