Monday, February 14, 2011

The Texas Stop Sign

There was a point in my life when things took a drastic turn of direction. So rather than settling into a pin-sized NYC apartment, I found myself roadtripping across West Texas with Mom. I had never been to Texas and can't say that my drive through the West was doing much to endear me to the state. It was a Sunday night and nearing dinner time when we came upon a settlement that seemed to have a few possible dining selections. Brief conversation ensued. Result: We weren't hungry just yet. Let's wait for a bit and find something down the road. MISTAKE!!! But perhaps one of the greatest of all time. As we continued driving, looking for "something down the road" it became apparent...that there was nothing. No more villages, settlements, towns, cities, or signs of life. Period. I began to understand what starvation was. A roadtrip without food at my every whim?!?! (Note: This was in pre-GPS days and we really had no way of knowing when our next food source might surface). And then, there it was, a beacon of hope blazing brightly in the distance. Or at least on the roadside signage. THE TEXAS STOP SIGN!

We walked through the door of Dairy Queen and into another world. It was a small-town Sunday evening. The sheriff was in and sporting his cowboy hat and boots. A table of old timers in their overalls stopped conversation at the sight of strangers. They needn't have bothered. I'm not a native drawl speaker and while I happily incorporate y'all into my current vocabulary, I was nowhere near such proficiency at the time. All in all, it felt as if we'd managed to step onto a film set for an old-school western or family feature. I can mark that occasion as the evening I started to fall for Texas, a state which has now laid claim to a serious portion of my heart. This song, in fact, was discovered for me by a MI roommate who might have heard about TX a time or two...

Singer-Songwriter and San Antonio native, Edith Frost from her album "Wonder Wonder."

The reason for this reminiscing? A weekend roadtrip and concert in Corpus Christi with the ever-fabulous MS and C(M)M! We hit that inevitable bathroom-break point of the trip, and lo and behold...there it was. The ever-present DQ. Clearly with the fates smiling on us, more than a bathroom break was in order. Note from the following picture who opted for the MINI Blizzard and feel free to hold it against HIM on future occasion.

Yet another trip to store away in the Texan corner of my heart.


  1. Michael chickened out on the real deal eh? You can give him a hard time from mj.

  2. Reminds me of my first trip to Waffle House, just over the Georgia border on my way down to visit Jess ( It was like stepping into another world.

  3. Okay, I just about died laughing when I saw the photo and realized what TSS refers to. Awesomeness. Sorry if I'm weirding you out, I have a Google Alert set up for egotistical reasons. I show up and scare people sometimes.

  4. p.s. if that's been their tag-line for the last 10 years, please excuse my ignorance of pop culture. It was a new one on me, so funny.

  5. Edith Frost! Do NOT even apologize! I'm thrilled google alerts led you here!!! I've personally adopted cars and parties as my theme song since converting to a Texan. Happy to have provided some entertainment in return. :) Hope all is going well for you!

  6. mini blizzards? Really? I thought we were family...not to mention this article being about Texas...aren't you guys all about big? Come on Dee, support!


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