Saturday, December 1, 2012

November: That's a Rap

So, really I know the expression is "that's a wrap" but somehow I like to envision what life could be if the saying was "that's a rap." If the saying were such, the speaker would then inevitably break into spontaneous rap, exhibiting why exactly their sentiment was rap worthy. I don't know that it will catch on. I'm just saying it could up the entertainment factor in our lives.

But seriously, November is over. FINALLY! This blog-ever-day game has been wearing thin. Since about day one. But like all life trials which we inflict upon ourselves, this has had its positives and negatives. In true Russian spirit, I'll first offer up the negatives.

1. TIME: I consider it one of my most valuable commodities and there always seems to be a shortage of it. So committing a fair amount of it to this project was not something that I took lightly. And frequently not something I enjoyed. It led to #2.

2. LACK of SLEEP: My schedule is such that on most days I leave home by 7:30 and don't make it back until 10:30 or 11 at night. In that period away from home, I have access to internet on average for about 5 minutes. Which means that the majority of this month's blogging happened after I made it home, had a bite, and was caught up on work/emails: between 12-2 am. It is NOT my most alert time of day, which occasionally made the writing process far from fluid. And me perpetually sleepy.

3. THINKING: Since I decided to clutter your blog feeds, I decided I had to try and write about more than one topic. Which required thought. And my internet presence has never been something I gave much thought, save for the professional side (

So let's move on to to the positives.

November has been not only my happiest month in Moscow, but also one of the most fulfilling in recent memory. While I do not tribute this solely to blogging, I do think it was strangely enough a contributing factor. Here's the thing: No one wants to read about the miseries of your life on a daily basis. Everyone has rough days, and I think it's important to acknowledge them. BUT if you're searching for the positive, for the interesting, for the entertaining, and for the will find it. And your life and outlook will be the better for it.

In list form I think that equivocates to:


2. TIME: Committing to a project and sticking to it is rewarding in the end. Regardless of the nuisance it may seem during the process.

3. THINKING: Far too often we live our lives unaware. Not noticing the details. Or else not thinking them noteworthy enough to remember come the end of the day. But in reality it's the little anecdotes, the trivialities, and the details that shape our lives. And when you're searching for subject matter, you're more inclined to notice them.

My life, like yours, is filled with ups and downs. And this month was no exception. But somewhere in the midst of November's hills and valleys, I found myself more capable of enjoying the view, regardless of the angle.

And with these thoughts, I bid you farewell. While the duration is undetermined, a blogging break is in order...I have a month's worth of sleep to catch up on!

До встречи!


  1. Yay! I have to say it gave me quite a perspective as well, I've always said I didn't have time to blog very much since I started full time work, but with November being one of work's busiest months (well this year), and blogging every day, it really showed that I could!

  2. What you write is always thought provoking and even wise. We will miss your daily insights. Please continue to share your talent in this way as well as musically. We admire your commitment and abilities. Parents of Tam and MJ)

  3. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to it. You have such a gift in beautifully transforming great thoughts into words.

  4. You are so stinkin' funny. I am really against using the abbreviation lol, but I did. Three times.


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