Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Life. It's News.

Almost. Or not really at all. My life in itself is as newsworthy as whatever you may read on this blog. BUT there have been interesting news events colliding with my existence this week.

Meteor, anyone??? While there's a lot that happens in Russia that I wish got similar international press, it is refreshing to have people remember that: A) Russia exists. It may seem like stating the obvious, but sometimes it feels like the sphere of existence for many does not extend past Europe. (NOT going to open the debate about which continent Russia belongs to!) B) I live here. Special thanks to all who were concerned/curious to find out if I had any interaction with said meteor.

I did. Via YouTube. Here's what I saw:

There are definite advantages to everyone in the country having dashboard cameras my friends. Just for a frame of reference, Chelyabinsk in the Ural Mountain region where the meteor hit is about a 23 hour drive away, so no excitement in these parts. And for any of you who haven't looked at a map in a while, I check out Russia almost once a day, often only to reconfirm how MASSIVE it is! Check it out the next time you have a minute!

Next up, remember My New Life: The Cruise Edition? Well, the very ship which supplied me with a continuous flow of frozen yogurt, did not perform quite as well this time around. Let's just say I'm counting my blessings that the days I passed on board included a functional sewage system.

My favorite quote from one of the passengers: "I want a hot shower and a daggum Whataburger." I don't blame the individual on either account. There's something so purely Texas about that line though that I couldn't help but smile. Unfortunately, the article that contained this has been "updated" so that I can no longer provide you with effective linkage proof.

Last, but not least in the news category: I've been nominated.

I found out via my SPAM mail yesterday that I've been nominated for a blogging award! Something to do with international exchange program blogs and the qualifications/nomination process seems unknown. Here's the thing: I have very mixed feelings about promoting my blog. Any of you other other bloggers out there dealt with that identity crisis? Somehow I don't mind and actually LOVE when people happen across it and we make friends. But I'm slow at this game and would say that this year is the first time I've taken any measures to let the internet world know that this little corner exists.

That being said: I do have pride. Due to the SPAM delivery, I've missed out on the voting period ALMOST completely. BUT...I would like to receive a vote. Or more. Pride in this case = not being voteless. So, if you happen across this before the 17th of January at 11:55 pm CET, visit this link and check the "Stephanie Says" box. And if you do so, feel free to comment below, so I can thank you personally! My pride appreciates it.

That's all for this News Edition!




  1. I voted for you! I hear you on the identity crisis. But In the end, I think bringing more people to share in your story is a good thing! More people will know how big Russia is at the very least!

    This is important information, Stephanie!

    1. I love that I could totally count on you to be my first voter!!! You're the best blog friend a girl could ask for. :)

  2. That meteor is scary and amazing at the same time. Explosion aside,I enjoyed watching the video as though I'm actually there on the road along with the music on the radio. I just voted for you. :)

    1. It's scary but totally awesome, right?!? Thanks for taking the time to vote! I can't wait for the day we actually cross paths in real life! xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. I heart you! Thank you!!! :)

  4. WOW! The meteor attack must have been crazy! When I watched it on the news it was like watching a movie instead of real life. What an insane experience. Thankfully you're ok :)

  5. Hi Stephanie,

    I am so sorry -- I have been a bit of a bad blogger lately ... Been to job interview across the country, got said job and completely lost in house hunting (well, flat hunting) and were not quite online for about a week or so -- that is why I have missed out the voting opportunity!! I of course would have given you my vote and promoted it via social media. :( Maybe next time!
    This meteor video is impressive!! I have never ever seen such a thing, only a few shooting stars or so. Wow. Scary. Beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Love from Germany

  6. Stephanie!
    I just have to tell you I love your blog, and I'm sad I didn't see this post till today cz I would have loved voting for you. And that meteor was crazy. Wow. I am so glad you are doing so well; you are seriously Wonderwoman!! Miss you girl!

  7. Got caught up on the blog today. You make me laugh and cry. I did however watch...and listen to the War and Peace opera that you went to in St. Petersburg. I loved it. It was passionate and moving. I am now starting on rereading War and Peace since it's been at least 30 years! Looking forward to becoming a junky! Wish I had been there to enjoy the entire thing with you, with a private introduction to the opera at dinner as in days past! hmmmmmmm good memories.


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