Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's Walk: Tverskaya Ulitsa

Sometimes all it takes to remember that you're in an amazing city is to look up. In Moscow a large part of my life is spent underground and, while our metro is lovelier than most, its views can't compare to those above street level. Yesterday I decided to take a stroll to the next metro stop with a friend before descending into the underworld. Our street of choice for the evening: Tverskaya Ulitsa.

It was a lucky choice as things were a bit more active than usual. No, our streets are not always lined with tanks. But on the 9th, Russia commemorates the Nazi capitulation to the Soviet Union and a huge parade is held as part of the celebration. This was a sneak peek at the dress rehearsal!

 Tverskaya Ulitsa is Moscow's Main Street and a great place to walk...a favorite Russian past time. The street is an ancient thoroughfare leading up to the Kremlin and is dotted with other sights along the way. You can find an introductory guide to the landmarks here. The imposing equestrian monument above is the founder of Moscow, Yuri Dolgorukiy. He stares down the mayor's office...sometimes I forget that there are political positions in Russia besides president. We have a mayor.

When the streets aren't lined with tanks (and lovely Armenian ladies!), they're still lined with lots of fun, frequently over-priced, but still-interesting-to-explore stores. While I have no purchasing power in Moscow, I've come to enjoy sight-seeing shopping at its finest!

While we've entered what seems to be monsoon season in Moscow, I'm convinced that someday the weather will make walking a more permanent hobby. With lots of city to's hoping!


  1. I've never seen so much tanks in one place. I'm always fascinated by cities with great underground network, which all boils down to excellent urband planning. I'm enjoying these tour posts very much.

  2. Moscow has turned into a very happy city recently. A huge change from the recent grey, cloudy and slushy mess of a few weeks ago! :)

    Great blog, Keep it up. :)


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