Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Skipping Seasons: We're all about the Weather

Remember that time I survived an eternal Russian winter and vowed I would never complain about warm weather? 

I'm rethinking that statement.

You see, somehow Moscow seemed to almost instantaneously transform from this...
...to this...

Now, I am not complaining about warmth and greenery. But I was somewhat baffled as to the skipping of Spring. No delicate blossoms, no chilly but softly warm weather. Granted, there was the period of the Great Flood in which heavy rain turned snow into lakes. Maybe that was Spring? All I know is that this week we're sitting at an average temperature of 28 C/ 80 F. What I love? Warmth! Sunshine! Greenery! Evening walks! Sitting in the hammock!

These pics were taken on a said evening walk exploring my neighborhood yesterday. General Karbyshev, pictured below, has long caught my interest but I had yet to deduce who he was until I ventured closer yesterday. A Soviet War leader and hero, he actually passed through several Nazi concentration camps and eventually made it to Mathausen where he died under torture.  
 And this is my backyard, transformed. Remember how I live in the woods?
In contrast...
So...what I hate?! The lack of AIR CONDITIONING! Look, I realize that most of Europe believes AC is harmful to the health. And I'm not saying I want to be an AC Extremist like most of the businesses in Houston, TX. BUT, tonight I played a concert and halfway through all I could think about was the sweat that was beginning to roll down my forehead. While I'm rocking a formal and all makeup-ed out! That level of sweat should not be allowed on such an occasion.

My boss gave me the feedback that the performance seemed a bit low energy. He may have been right, given the fact that I was anxiously trying to wipe the sweat from my hands between numbers so as to remain a functional pianist. In the moment I didn't feel particularly low energy BUT I was seriously wishing I was old school and had brought a handkerchief with me...

And with this post, I think I may officially be considered Russian. Here, weather is our first and foremost topic of conversation (come on, it's Russia!) and it often concludes a fair amount of complaining. Which I have clearly done. Thank you for your patience...I'll reward you with some positivity and some upbeat restaurant reviews in the future.  

Hoping your temperatures are lovely and perhaps accompanied with some mild AC. Sending summer love from Moscow!
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  1. Interesting I would have thought that Russia would have quite an extended spring (I don't know why I thought that...).

    1. I think normally they do? All the Russians seem to be a bit shocked...

  2. I agree. Moscow has almost no spring. Just what we had snowdrifts tall as a man. Ba-boom! We have summer.

  3. It's hard to avoid talking about the weather when it's at such extremes. I think the lack of AC here is what will drive me out of Russia before anything else!

  4. That is such an extreme weather change. I'm trying to imagine you playing the piano while sweating in a non-AC hall, that must have been very uncomfortable.

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