Sunday, May 26, 2013

She had me fooled...

Just when you think you know a girl, that she's finally quit giving you the cold shoulder and warmed up to you, she gives you this...
Oh, Moscow. I've been feeling like I'm back in Texas with the sporadic downpours...except that it's not really just sporadic. I'm pretty sure it's been raining for the entire week. While this makes adventuring in the form of sightseeing around Moscow a bit difficult, it has made for some new adventures: how to best make it to the metro in ballet flats. I think I secretly hoped if I didn't give in to my rain boots that nature would declare me victor. I lost. But in sacrificing my ballet slippers, I was able to offer a colleague a piggy back to save her from the lake near our home. She was shocked. Coming from a family of 10+ I didn't find anything out of the ordinary about it.  I was gifted an apple approximately the size of my head in reward for my heroic attempts (which really only resulted in a passing van stopping to drive us across the lake...I was spared more than about 10 seconds of piggy back).
A picture like this doesn't occur often, so it had to be documented. The abnormality: Where are the people?
Yesterday while the rain took a brief pause, I made it to the Bulgakov museum to learn a bit more about the author of Master and Margarita. I love books and had to document these shelves which I would love to transport to my home. I didn't think I could fit it into my bag however.

The museum had some interesting tidbits and if you're a die-hard Bulgakov fan, then absolutely go! Entrance to the apartment was free, although we were kicked out early due to a scheduled tour. It's alright--it gave us just enough time to make a pass by Patriarch Ponds before the rain started falling again. Was I once again in ballet flats? Absolutely.

While there's not much sunshine predicted in the immediate forecast, I'll be doing my best to fit in a few more museums before starting June's European Extravaganza! Thursday it's off to London where I'll be joined by my parents and sister on Sunday. Then it's stops in Paris, Florence, Rome, and Switzerland, with a return to Russia---sister in tow! I have a suspicion that I might need a post-vacation vacation, but I'm excited for the food and fun ahead!

In the meantime, working on staying dry! It's back to the rain boots



    1. Спасибо большое! Мне так понравилось! Особенно слова "Куда мне укрыться
      От нашей капризной любви, Москва?" Прекрасно.

  2. Whoa..a flood in Moscow. I can't believe you crossed the flood giving a piggy back ride :) I was stuck in a waist high flood once and was given a lift by a garbage truck. Your forthcoming trip sounds really exciting!

  3. A-ha!
    Songs about Moscow!
    I know a few!

    Rain in the city.

    Morning Song of the city. (first song)

    1. I love this!!! Thanks for the input! Keep it coming! :)

  4. Wow that rain! Your poor ballet slippers!

  5. Steph!!!you got one more week!! it does look beautiful though. Wish i was coming to have a tour. Cant wait to see you soon!

  6. Yes I am playing serious blog catch up, ok? Still fun nonetheless. I really enjoyed the whole 'piggy back' portion. :)


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