Saturday, May 23, 2009

Michigan Memorial Montage

Here's to two years of great people and great memories!

1181. 42nd Street. Air hockey. Angelos. Ann Arbor. The Arb. A-squared. Afternoon Delight. Auditions. Bacon Fest. Baptisms. Ben & Jerry's. Big House. Bingo. Blimpie Burger. Braces. Breastfeeding. Brian Regan. BWW. Car. Celtic Tenors. Chicago. Chocolate fountain. Christmas tree. Cider Mill. Coaching class. Costco. COLD. CPK. Culinary Expeditions. Detroit Day Trip. Diet Coke. DMA. Donuts. Earrings. Enrichment Dinner Groups. Eugene Onegin. Fall. Family Bidniz. Farmer's market. Flights. Friday night-in. Football. Friends. Garage karaoke. German tutor. Go Blue! Graduation. Green. GSNO. Hair. Hill Street. Hippie Hash. Hoedown. Homework. Hommus. Hot chocolate. Houston Grand Opera. Ice Cream Social. Ice Sculptures. Illness. Institute. Israel. Italy. Katz. Kerrytown. Knitting. Kroger. LA. Laptop. Lessons. Lindsey. Locker. London. Man lunch. MASTERS. Mexican Town. Michigan Stadium. Mingles. Missionaries. Mocktail. Moore School of Music. New York Philharmonic. No Thai. Northside Grill. Nouveau New Years. NYC. Office parties. Opera. Parents. Party girl. Pathetic Trio. Pedicures. Pi Day. Ping Pong. Planner. Pontiac Trail Party House. Post cards. Practice. Public Transportation. Recitals. Recordings. Rock Band. Roommate Date Night. Rug. Russian. Settlers of Catan. Severed arm. Sidetracks. Silas. Singers. Soirée. Somerset. Sondra. Song Class. Stucchi's. Sweater Party. Sweetwaters. Thanksgiving turkeys. Toledo Zoo. Trees. UMS. Undergrads. UPS. Visitors. Wapakoneta. Weddings. Wolverines. Yoga. Yo-Yo Ma. Ypsi Lanes. Zingermann's.

Feel free to lengthen the list with your memory contributions!



  1. Wow - alphabetized even! We'll miss you, Stephanie! The Office just won't be the same without you!! Good luck in Houston!

  2. We are really going to miss you :( But hopefully we'll be able to come visit you in Houston! :)

  3. I miss you! Awesome montage. I especially like the ones at your recital were I look angelic in my white shirt.

  4. I love that I just found your blog! Hope you are doing well- let me know when you are in town next!

  5. STEPH! Kristen's blog guided me here. Now you need to update so I can find out how you're doing!

  6. I'm impressed - where are you off to now? So glad you blog - now I can follow along!


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