Friday, May 15, 2009

SO over Orthodontia

Many of us experienced the beauty and wonder of braces during our youth. The constant food stuck in your teeth...aching...automatic decrease in age...who doesn't want to relive those amazing times from their teens?!

Me? I say bring those times back baby! Why wouldn't a nearing-25-year-old want to feel more youthful? Aside from the fact that I got lectured about sitting in an emergency row airplane seat only a week ago...It is happening though. Apparently Ortho #1 made some mistakes, causing gums to begin a continuous receding process, amongst other minor issues. So round two seems to be in order.

9 am tomorrow. SICK.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! You know, that orthodontia stuff just never leaves. I had braces as a teenager and last year felt like my teeth were starting to shift. So after 10+ years, I had to go back to my old orthodontist (thank goodness he hadn't retired yet) and get a new retainer. It was surreal. Good luck!


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