Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Thoughts from the Weekend


*A Thursday-night, pre-weekend outing to MAMMA MIA! Beautiful summer weather, a picnic on the grass, and my dear Dana. What could make it better? ANSWER: A spontaneous dance party! The middle-aged women next to us couldn't resist ABBA, and the rest of the crowd couldn't resist the middle-aged women. Amazing.

*Chocolate Milk

*Opening night. Exhilarating! I hope I never get over the excitement of an opening. There's something magical about the process and preparation giving way to performance. Hundreds of hours, finances, and forces culminate in a moment of creation. Art in action.

*My friend, the Poet, safeguarding me from my love of sweets and the adult brownies.

*Gary and Elaine. This link led to laughter. And subsequent tears due to said laughter. Good thing I wasn't in rehearsal at the time. Oh wait...

*2 of my favorite country songs---yes the phase continues---in 1 commute to work: Watch the Wind Blow By AND Bless the Broken Road.

*IASIP. Even the acronym makes me laugh. Happily I have a friend who's also just discovering Sunny's hilarity. Shared laughter is best.

*Pretzel M&M's. We ate an entire bag sitting in the cafe of the American History Museum, while deciding where to go to dinner. And while seeing the museum was lovely, I have to say the chatting with friends in the cafe was probably the highlight.

*Fried bacon-wrapped dates. Just try wrapping your mind around that goodness. I now have a favorite tapas restaurant in DC. Perhaps not a wide basis for comparison, but a favorite nonetheless.

*Baby Mama. "Congratulations. I'm going to reward you with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact." And PAM.

*Dolcezza: Best. Gelato. Ever. Period. For those of you who'll be visiting, it IS on the itinerary. And if you weren't planning on a visit..rethink that decision. Or live in jealousy.

*Witnessing and aiding in the sweetest surprise summer has seen. LMB flew in for the Maestro's second performance of Turco, and while it was thrilling just to see her, watching their reunion at Clyde's was priceless.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Wow, sounds like a fun weekend! I love the Abba/Mama Mia dance party visual. Sounds like a blast. :)

  2. ISA what? Hook me up. The link kills me :)

  3. I loved these "Happy Thoughts". You are darling!

  4. Your mom told me to check out your blog, so cute. Email me and I will send you an invite to mine!


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