Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moscow Mondays: Tsaritsyno

Some Mondays are just plain 'ole Mondays, even in Moscow. Yesterday I went to Russian class, conjugated approximately 5,342 verbs (I may have lost track in the counting process, but I'm sure this figure is nearly accurate), went to work, and then went straight home, earlier than user. You see, this week is brought to you by "I'm not sick. I will NOT be sick! I'm NOT SICK!!!!" This is the game in which I refuse to acknowledge headache, sore throat and the beginnings of a chest cold, in an effort to show Moscow who's REALLY in charge.

That being said, evenings in really are in order (I'm not completely foolish). So...while I didn't venture out on this particular Monday, I did some exploration last Wednesday and will recount said adventure today!

Tsarytsino: It's just a quick jaunt down the green line, but you surface from the underground into a different world. No crowds, fresh air, trees...I can see why someone would want to build a home here. Here's the modest little dacha itself:
I couldn't actually get far enough back to fit it in the frame. Note to self: save for a fancy new lens.

I could make to with a slightly smaller house if I got to live on these grounds. Seriously, I love being outdoors and despite my perpetual mocking of the fact that I live in a cabin in the woods, I don't know that I could make-do in Moscow city life without these serene places of retreat.

This may have been one of my favorite sights: free internet available. In the middle of a giant, snow-covered field. Welcome to Russia.
Also on the list of favorites, homemade "slip 'n' slides." The snowy version. I'll have to document one of these next time I come across it, but basically a smooth, icy patch has been warn down on the sidewalk to serve as a slippery rush of sorts. I don't know who's making them...all you have to do is walk down the streets of Moscow and you'll unintentionally fall on 50 or so. Literally. Fun nonetheless!

And last, but not least, of the favorites:
There is something so whimsical and fantastic about this staircase. In the event of me living at Tsaritsyno (any guesses on those odds), I would pass many an hour (in warmer seasons, of course!) at the top of this staircase, likely with a book. Envision the trees covered with greenery, and it's basically a fancy treehouse.

While much of my life is spent wishing for warmth, I have to say on this particular day I wouldn't have traded the stunning snowfall for anything! You know those fake looking snowflakes plastered on winter decorations that look absolutely picture perfect? I SAW THOSE! One fell on my camera and I was thrilled. I have never seen a real life perfect snowflake. Made. My. Day!!!

If you're planning a trip to Moscow, or already here, be sure this place is on your list of things not to miss!


  1. The snowy landscape is stunning. Time seems frozen. Or maybe I would be, if I were there taking pictures. I prefer snow than blowing sand anytime.

  2. I played the 'I'm not sick' game last wee too - and then I ended up with laryngitis! Don't you just love winter???
    And I can't even fathom the conjugation of Russian verbs - French is tricky enough, Russian must be absolutely mind numbing!

  3. I discovered your blog through Elizabeth Downie's and just had to comment today - I served a mission in Moscow and have been loving seeing it through your eyes! I lived near the Tsaritsyno metro stop for about 4 months - it was one of my favorite places in the city! This was about 11 years ago - before they renovated the buildings - when I was there all of the buildings were huge, unfinished ruins!

    1. Thanks for the comment Anne! Always love meeting people who can relate to Moscow life :)

  4. These photos are so beautiful. I've never actually seen a perfectly formed snowflake either. I'm hoping to this winter! But in the 40 degree heat it's hard to imagine that it's possible that our winters get cold enough for snow!

  5. Wow, truly beautiful pictures! What a chance to spend a year in Russia! I have always wanted to visit St Petersburg one time in my life, and I always get drawn in if there are documentaries on TV on Russia! Is it difficult to learn the language? My foreign languages all consist of the same alphabet, so it is not that much of a problem I guess... But Russian has the cyrillic alphabet and that makes it even harder, doesn't it?
    Thank you so much for stopping by my little webspace!
    Yes, I am in love with the classical side of literature, and the Russians have delivered their fair share! I did not that many on my list, but will -hopefully- get on a little better soon. There are times when classics really tease me and there are times, where I am turned to those quick-read women's books.. I am reading "the Unseen" by Katherine Webb right now.... So that is more the latter.

  6. I guess I'll consider these places for my upcoming Moscow trip.


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