Friday, January 11, 2013

What Did YOU Have For Breakfast???

Did it look something like this?

While caviar is not my standard breakfast fare, I did feel legitimately Russian today with this spread. Caviar may or may not have crossed your mind as a breakfast dish. In my case, it hadn't. But one of my singers gifted me this beautiful tub of caviar yesterday, along with bread, butter, and instructions:

"You should eat it for breakfast. Or any time of day really. But definitely breakfast."

She's been explaining Russian traditional dishes to me for the past few days...we are coming off one of their most elaborate holidays (New Years) and a Russian spread is something to in the spirit of cultural understanding and appreciation, breakfast it was.

While this was not my first experience with caviar, I haven't eaten it on a regular enough basis to have my mind wrapped around that texture.  The first bite is always slightly questionable, the second bite is all about mental processing, and from thereon, I'm good to go. And oddly enough, I finish it and find myself curiously excited to repeat the process.  Which I did, just before typing that line, in an effort to ensure this post was as accurate as possible. And maybe to have another excuse to spread excessive amounts of butter onto an innocent piece of bread...

People, I like it. I think I may be officially acclimated.

Anything interesting on your plates this morning?


  1. you are so fancy! caviar for breakfast? what's next, bonbons for lunch?!?


  2. I'm curious..this is the first time I've heard of caviar for breakfast..I'm trying to imagine the texture..and the taste of it with butter and bread. It's always better to try it than imagining. :)
    My breakfast was was garlic chichacorn, really crunchy deep fried corn kernels/corn bits with lots of garlic.

  3. Caviar from poachers. :) The label is missing on the package.
    I do not blame you. I'll buy the same.
    But caviar for breakfast - it's perfect. :)

  4. A word of advice. Try to put more butter and fewer caviar on the bread. (If the picture shows your breakfast)

  5. "What are you doing? Oh my gosh, what are you doing??? That cavier is a GARNISH!" :) All I could think when I read this. You fancy pants Russian lady, you are doing some really neat stuff! Keep it up! And- you are NOT sick. "Say that to yourself everytime you feel like you are losing your nerve" :) Love ya!!

  6. Uh. I never dared to try caviar really. And also I might be hesitating for the texture only ... But if you like it, I might give it a go one time ;-) I usually have the very same breakfast every day: Skinny yoghurt with various fruits and a little bit of maple syrup. Sometimes I have soy yoghurt and then I leave the maple. Very sometimes I have porridge for breakfast. I love me a warm breakfast in the morning..




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