Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Evening Snapshot

I'm sitting/laying in bed. To my left is a grocery bag filled with used Kleenex and a box of fresh at the ready. On that same side, but a bit further down the bed are two opera scores, a Russian grammar book, and a notebook filled with verb conjugations to memorize.

To my right: Tylenol Cough & Cold (SO glad I stocked up when I went home!!!), Aleve, a Russian nasal spray that will probably completely and permanently destroy my sense of smell, highlighters, a red pencil and a pen, chocolate covered blueberries, earrings that I was too lazy to climb out of bed and put away, and Febreze "to go". Don't be fooled by the name...I am not going anywhere.

And this is my life.

Maybe this is your ideal. I, however, find a certain number of problems with this scenario:

  • New Year's Resolution of "banning books and scores as sleeping companions." I have now effectively moved the entire contents of my apartment onto my bed and, for the time being, have no intention of removing them. So long resolution #1.
  • The tea, water, and ginger apple cider that I've been living off of have to be kept on the floor to the left of the bed. That's a decent reach away! Unfortunately I haven't come up with an alternative that allows for beverages to be stored on the bed, so my suffering/workout continues.
  • After spending all day yesterday in bed, I got up today determined to be healthy: curled my hair, did my makeup and put in earrings...just to prove who's really in charge of this body...and went to work. When I dragged myself back into my bed immediately upon arrival home, the only determination that remained was never to leave the house again.
  • My unfolded laundry is staring me down, hanging on its drying rack at the foot of my bed. WHO in their right mind thought that was a good place to put it?! It's not in arm's reach, so it can't be dealt with, but it's mocking me all the same.
  • This is the time of year when I am attempting to make professional life decisions. And all I want to do is never leave my bed again. Not helpful.
  • Failure. It's what I'm feeling. I love my body and I really do try to take care of it. I run, do yoga, buy expensive green vegetables (spinach is pricy here!), try to drink a healthy amount of water, make my homemade herbal teas, and put my juice extractor to good use. So...where did I go wrong? Russia hates me or my body hates Russia, but this is Round 4 of "the plague" which normally visits once a winter and then goes merrily on its way. I seem to have failed my dear little immune system, but am lost as to what life changes to make in order to rectify said failure.
There are plenty of silver linings to be found: chocolate covered blueberries, ginger apple cider, fresh snowfall, the best blanket *EVER* which I decided to haul back to Russia the beginning of January, and plenty of easily-accessible medication (antibiotics are an over-the-counter item here). But, silver liners and all, I'd much prefer to just get rid of the clouds altogether.

Here's to another day in bed and summoning every last ounce of determination to be fully functional by Monday! Hope you're healthy and happy wherever you may be!


  1. Hang in there love! Reaction to a new environment is normal, but you are really getting kicked. I'm so sorry. Rest well and stay warm and keep your spirits up. Take from one who knows - it gets better, but you may have to dig your nails in until the sun comes out. Fortunately I know how tough you are. Let me know if you would like a Skype date! xoxo Kathy

  2. I am in the same boat, sister! It is SO annoying when our bodies betray us! I too, have tried the whole "I'm in charge here" thing but my body just laughed at me.

    I hope you get well SOON! It's so frustrating to be sick!

  3. Hope you start to feel better soon! Maybe it's a lack of vitamin D?

  4. Hi Stephanie, I certainly hope you feel better soon. I swore by vitamin C tablets when I was away for fieldwork. Being sick really gets old after a few days, doesn't it!

  5. One of the most frustrating things being away from home is being sick. Hope you feel better really soon. Take care XX

  6. Dear Stephanie,

    I am new here at your place & have found you via Vanisha's blog,, Hope you feel much better soon! Being sick while residing in another country is even worse than not being alright at home. Maybe there are few nice people around you who can spoil you with their company! Get well soon!



  7. Sister :( I am so sorry you are sick yet again! Your post was incredibly entertaining to read though since I feel like I have been there too. Except for the chocolate covered blueberries which sound lovely. And you take better care of your body than me. (Expensive spinach and all...) Get better already! Miss you!

  8. So sorry you get struck down every year. It sure makes going about the business of life complicated when you feel terrible. Feel better soon! Everything will be brighter when you do.

  9. Lack of sunlight exposure = lack of natural vitamin D produced in your body = weaken immune system.

    When you got better, go and buy yourself some vitamin D.


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