Friday, October 7, 2011

One Plate Wonder

Tired of your kitchen??? Ready for a makeover? Look no further--the One Plate Wonder is HERE!

Instead of the chaos and clutter of four burners, opt for ultimate simplicity! With the OPW, you can avoid multi-tasking completely, keeping only one proverbial pot (or fat) on the fire at a time. Not only will you find yourself cooking in a zen-like trance, your creativity will know no bounds as you concoct creations in one universal pot. Space a problem? The One Plate Wonder will introduce you to options never before considered:

Rather than attempt to restrain the One Plate Wonder's warmth, look to more effectively utilize your home space. Mushrooms are happier near ground level. And a dish drainer on the floor can only mean one thing...a cleaner floor. (DISCLAIMER: carpet damage and potential minor flooding may occur at your own risk). In minimal time with maximized effort, your OPW will put food for the family on the table. (DISCLAIMER: Best suited to families of 1 or less). Enjoy with some Virgin Lemonade and you're on your way to domestic bliss!

The One Plate Wonder is available at a Seattle hotel near you! Time to head West...


  1. opw- genius. Loved the whole post. Very witty!

  2. Revolutionary. Can it make a cake?

  3. Scott, for you it will make a cake. And I'll document it.

  4. I can't wait to see pictures and to taste the results.

  5. Baha. I am extremely happy your are managing:)


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