Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Homeless and The Happy

Home is a fluid concept at the moment. Belongings in one location, my physical being in another, and my mind and my heart with loved ones across the globe. Transitions (do they ever end?!) are never easy and embracing the lifestyle of a freelancer is not my natural predisposition. As it turned out, my first full day of work in Seattle was rainy, wet, and slightly depressing, primarily due to the aforementioned adjectives. Not a good place to begin life on the road. Miraculously, however, the rest of the week looked more like this:

Life-changing. A Tuesday-morning run along the waterfront in perfect temperatures and I was happy to set up "home" for 8 weeks. My Seattle "To-Do" list has since been made, and my effort to experience a new city and its culture are well underway. Here are a few of the easily-identifiable perks of said city and my situation:

1. I work with talented people. Making music. LOVE this job.

2. I no longer have to do my hair. My first day in town I was waiting for a bus, standing not far from a couple of bearded, homeless men. Who I later realized (after eavesdropping on their conversation---how else do you get to know a city?!) were not remotely homeless. But they looked it, I swear. I have since come to the realization that here we are active. Here we are earthy. Here we walk and bike and become one with the outdoors. And here we're fine looking like we're all those things. Better believe I'm on that bandwagon!!! I no longer dry my hair and I've already purchased some new exercise wear. Nevermind that I'm currently scouring Craigslist to buy a bike. Judge away readers...I'll be sporting the homeless and happy look without hesitation. Perhaps re-termed "earthy" in an attempt at delicacy, propriety, etc.

3. I live in a hotel. Which means someone cleans my house once a week. I'll take it.

4. I walk everywhere (unless that bike purchase works out...) and everywhere involves hills. Not something I EVER encountered in Texas. Hello glutes. Need I say more about that perk?

5. There is a vibrant chapter of the University of Michigan Alumni Club in Seattle, as discovered when I caught the first half of Michigan's 58-0 victory over Minnesota at a local sporting establishment. GO BLUE!

6. Seattle is beautiful. Lest you doubt, see photographic evidence below.

In an effort to work our way through the Seattle "To-Do" list, my friend and I opted for the multi-trip ride up the Space Needle: Day and Night.

Perhaps better documented as such:

Here's to seven more weeks---Homeless and happy!


  1. Love your bangs! :) Those pictures are great. Can't wait to see the awesome beard you grow!

  2. There is nothing wrong with you looking homeless sister. You've been known to pull off that look before! ;) JUST KIDDING! But hey, someone else to clean my house? Put it on my tab...

  3. I wish linds would stop talking about her tab on your blog. I don't like this Earthy thing...come on! You know there was a big poster on the wall at my obgyn's of famous women and some of there quotes. One that stood out to me goes as follows- "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones"-Helena Rubinstein. Think about it...

  4. I wish Kar would stop talking about her medical life. (Which considering her birthrate is all the time;) As to the whole "earthy" thing, I say way to be. I am glad all is going well but I really miss you! . . . So does Talon. Think about THAT...

  5. I heart Seattle!! I hope you're having fun! Have some seafood for me! I'm super jealous!


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