Wednesday, November 28, 2012


There's something about the first magical snowfall. We've seen snow in Moscow already this year, but not the beautiful, sticking kind. I'd call it more of a muddy slush. There was a light snow falling when I left home this morning, with a thin coat on the ground, but it continued as the day wore on. And by the time I left work, Moscow was a new city, blanketed in a lovely, soft layer of white.
I could have happily wandered around the center all evening...something about this type of snow makes me feel 5 years old again. Skipping wouldn't have been out of the question, were I not aging and wary of losing my balance. Joking...maybe? After a bit of roaming, though, I decided the best way to appreciate the snow was at home. With a blanket, book, and hot chocolate.

Snuggled up in my cabin in the middle of the Silver Wood as the snow falls. (With functioning internet, as a side note.) I love this version of Moscow!


  1. I love that first snow! I definitely would've skipped! :)

    Also, from like 5 posts ago, i totally have also bought a non-functional can opener! SO FRUSTRATING. IC got me a "real" one for my birthday this year, it was the BEST gift.

  2. I like the tranquility in these photos. It brings me back to the first time I saw snow. I was rolling on the slope like crazy.

  3. I love that version too. It sounds like such a dream. It sounds like you are having such a cool time out there Steph!

    BTW Bri , T, and I would love to have you for Thanksgiving...duh. Next time we're in the same country.

  4. You will hate snow by the mid-March. Maybe earlier :)


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