Friday, November 16, 2012

Mind your Makeup

"Is everything okay? You look so sad."

"Are you not feeling well?"

"You must be really tired."

"What's wrong?!?"

"Something's the matter. Are you unhappy?"

And the list of questions go on. When expressed with genuine thoughtfulness and concern at an appropriate time, they can be just what you want to hear. And when would be such an appropriate time? If you are actually feeling unwell, tired, upset, or unhappy.

Asked on any other occasion, these questions are only infuriating and will effectively serve to MAKE you upset, unhappy, unwell...etc. You get the idea.

I'm pretty sure I heard all four of the versions mentioned above today. And while I started the day a bit tired--it happens at the end of the week people--by the time it hit 2 pm I was beyond irritated. And why all the questions?

I was not wearing makeup.

People, give a girl a break! I made the mistake of going all out and both brushing my hair AND wearing makeup on Thursday, so apparently doing neither today was too much of a contrast to handle. (Exaggeration: I brushed my hair and put on lip gloss.)

No mascara?!?
She must plan on crying non-stop all day and was worried it would smear.

Hair slightly frizzy and un-straightened?
She's really given up on life, hasn't she???

Why wasn't she smiling during orchestra rehearsal? She's American isn't she?
I think all the joy has been sucked up from her soul.

I, for one, don't see much of a contrast between my made-up self and my au natural look. I present the following for your consideration, and dare you to try and detect a difference.

Baffled? That's what I thought.

Alright, so maybe makeup does make a difference, but let it be known that it is not reflective of my inner state of mind. In all actuality, when I'm most tired or even down (it does happen despite my American status), I tend to dress up. So as to look life in the face and say "Is that the best you've got?" But I have been reminded today and will be careful to remember in the future, that the transition from au natural to made-over...or vice versa...must be subtlety performed. A day with lipstick and glasses (aka no mascara) can more smoothly flow to a day without lipstick and slightly frizzy hair. And that can nicely transition into wearing my pajamas and slippers at work. All the ballerinas are doing it, so I might as well.

False. I will not go to work in pajamas. But I will continue to go in without makeup on occasion. But let us all take a moment before we begin questioning someone's state of well-being and simply ask: "might it be that she's simply not wearing makeup?"

Thank you,

Yours Truly

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