Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Grocery Goddess

I HATE grocery shopping.

Clear enough?

It just happens to be one of those "tasks" that there's never time for. And it's always a slap-in-the-face reminder of my lack of domesticity. Let it be known, I do have domestic roots and the potential to be a domestic goddess...it's one of my life ambitions...but my current lifestyle doesn't lend itself to exercising said "goddess" skills. So I look longingly at all the fun, interesting ingredients, think of my wasted potential, and head to the frozen foods section.

Moscow has some added difficulties:

1. No car. This means hauling all groceries on metro/marshrut transport.
2. #1 means that the amount I am able to purchase at one time is limited. Which means...
3. More grocery shopping.
4. Breaking the sequence chain, finding the ingredients that constitute my quick recipes can be a difficulty.
5. It's expensive. Think NYC or worse on occasion.

All of this being said, I think I may have found my salvation...
If I'm correctly translating the title, it's "The Alphabet of Taste." I stopped in today post-university, taking advantage of an evening off to put the pieces of my life back in order.

It was HEAVEN!!! They were starting to decorate for Christmas, it was clean, calm, and all the food was BEAUTIFUL! They had lovely things like fresh spinach, brussels sprouts, a wide variety of spices (the saving grace to the quick recipes!) and SO many cheeses. I've never felt so thrilled to be grocery shopping--it was like adult Disneyland. And while it may have cost a small fortune, it was worth every penny for such a novel experience. Dare we say even a turning point in my grocery shopping existence? Too soon to tell, but I'll keep you posted.

Extra bonus? As I watched them decorate for Christmas/New Year's (the latter is actually the more celebrated holiday here, as Christmas was not acknowledged during Soviet times), I realized that I live in a country where our American Thanksgiving does not exist. Translation: I can start decorating for Christmas as early as I want, and those who would like to judge me for doing so are a half a world away.

So here's to the holidays!!! And to the grocery shopping they're bound to require. I'm thinking I might be able to handle it...


  1. Ah yes, I have a love - hate relationship with the grocery shopping. See I love the cooking part, but not the shopping part!

  2. Same here, I just came home from grocery shopping and it's stressful each time because of the big beam of fluorescent lights and long queues. I recently started visiting a more laid back dim lit supermarket with less crowd but it's a bit pricey, so I have to still go to the super illuminated hypermarket. Have a great day Stephanie. :)


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