Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 26th: Happy Turkey Day!!!

Occasionally your home in the forest and the fates combine against you. Such is the case this evening, as I type my post for Day 26 of the NaBloPoMo in Microsoft Word. Knowing that it will not reach publication before tomorrow evening, best case scenario.

The internet's gone out. Again. **Sigh**

Except that my neighbors have it. The new router just happens to be invisible to every other computer in the world except theirs. So I hate them. Not really. But sort of.

Instead of fuming on about such things, let me wish you Happy Turkey Day! That's right, the day finally came to put the bird in the oven. I had a 4-hour gap in my schedule to cook and eat Thanksgiving dinner and get out the door dressed to play a concert. This was NOT a drill people!

I want to set the scene for you with a few numbers. I had:

0 ovens
0 measuring cups
0 kitchen appliances (spatula, whisk, masher, etc.) Luckily a very functional fork.
1 giant multi-tasking knife
1 neighbor. With an oven.
1 large pot. 1 pan.
1 purchased non-functional can opener.
2 stovetop burners. 1 large. 1 small.

Needless to say, things in this Silver Wood got a little crazy. At least statistically speaking. I cooked the turkey in a pan that it almost fit into and without any tin foil to cover it on the last leg (in every sense) keep it from getting slightly over-darkened. Stuffing, pumpkin pie crust, and filling all had to be made in the same mixing bowl. Though I opted not to do so simultaneously. My tiny countertop had to be supplemented with some floor space--for storage, people! Wasn't rollin' out the pie dough down there--and my sink was and IS still overflowing with the 5 dishes I own.

And I loved it. We had our first truly beautiful snowfall today and it was absolutely blissful to be at home and awake for four hours. Chopping, mixing, kneading, and slashing cans open with a pocket knife was so therapeutic! It almost convinced me I like cooking as much as I like baking. The feeling was fleeting, but lovely nonetheless.

And while I had approximately 5 minutes to down the works...turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, green beans and their mushroomy soupiness, and pie (saved for tomorrow!)...eating felt somewhat secondary. I use the disclaimer of somewhat as I never actually consider eating anything but of utmost import. But the real pleasure of this feast was in the anticipation and the preparation. Topped only by introducing my Russian friend and neighbor (it was her oven that carried my turkey baby) to some of the flavors of an American Thanksgiving!


  1. wow, you make it sound better than what we had here! However I did miss my girl!

  2. Bless you my dear daughter, and your blog! When the internets down and you have no phone service, I still know your alive because of the blog. How grateful I am for technology... especially when it works.


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