Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blue Skies and Ballet at the Bolshoi

I woke up this morning feeling something was slightly out of place. It was oddly light. Had I drastically overslept?!? Normally in these parts time of day doesn't significantly impact our lighting...could it possibly be???

SUN!!! It may have been short-lived, but seeing blue skies made for a magical moment. Not knowing when such an event may occur again, I seized the opportunity to document it. Please enjoy the picturesque power/trolleybus cables.

The darkness in the lower half of this picture is NOT overstated! So despite the Bolshoi Theater to the left, our new stage to the right, and Red Square straight ahead, the best sight of the day was the patch of blue!

This was not the only sight of the day worth photographing, but I do believe I would have been shunned for breaking out my flash mid-performance at the Bolshoi. And I have to say, I don't think any camera or photographer could adequately capture the show. It was my first time seeing a ballet at the Bolshoi...I live in Opera-land. And Иван Грозный (Ivan the Terrible) to music by Prokofiev was stunning. One of my favorite things about my job is working with words: I love languages and I love literature, so a libretto makes for a good combination. But watching a story unfold and considering the characters and their emotions based solely on their expressive and MIND-BLOWING gift for movement was creatively refreshing.

It also made me want to go to the gym. Not for some sudden weight-loss routine, but rather because I felt as if there most be something more my body is capable of doing if other individuals can do something THAT amazing. Like being able to touch my toes on a consistent basis. Or do a push up. I'm not going to get crazy here (obviously), but these people running around my work place might be a good source of inspiration.

If you are in Moscow now or EVER, I will say this: Do not miss seeing a ballet at the Bolshoi. It will take your breath away. And after you catch it? Head back in for an opera!!!

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  1. The ballet sounds incredible! I'm always so amazed by ballet dances and the amount of muscle control they have over their bodies. INCREDIBLE.


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