Sunday, November 18, 2012

Address Survey

This is not some awkward internet post where I sleazily ask you all to tell me your address so internet stalkers can put their hobby into real time. But I would like to ask the following: is there an adult out there who doesn't know their address?

Stephanie slowly and sheepishly raises her hand.

There are a few things most of us can answer without a second thought: phone number, social security number, address, and birthday being among them.

I have now lived in Moscow for 11 weeks. And today I realized I still don't know either my address or phone number. Slightly pathetic, yes? I memorized my first Russian phone number (pre-theft), but for Round 2, I just added contacts into my phone as they called. And on the occasion that I need to give out my number...I have it carefully (and slightly shamefully) saved in a text message. Why have I not memorized it? If you can solve the riddle that is my mind, I hereby award you a gold star. Apparently I find it important and perhaps even in my power to memorize a gazillion words in Russian, but can't wrap my head around seven numbers (I do know the first four). What empowerment will be mine when I can finally recite those figures by heart!

As regards the address, no explanation can be offered. I love maps. My dream is to have a nerdy study filled with fabulous books...the real kind...and a giant world map that fills an entire wall. I think this love is somehow tied to my love of language and travel. That one shouldn't be much of a riddle, so no gold star awards this time around. This love of maps should equivocate to love of knowing my location. But fact of the matter is, I don't receive mail in Russia. When filling out my paperwork, the required address is that of my registration, which happens to be my university. And I can easily explain to someone how to get here via public transportation, so...what's the big deal about this address nonsense anyway?

Google knows where I live and that's all that matters. And they probably can find you too. And take a picture of your house and show it to the world. Which is not creepy at all. But I digress...

Now that my justifications are offered and my ridiculousness has been placed on display for public derision, I am hopeful that I will find the inner motivation to be an adult. Or even a kindergartener. They seem to have this phone number/address down. We'll see if it takes me another 11 weeks!


  1. Here's a reason for learning your address: I am an old-fashioned, pen-and-ink letter writer, and have pen pals in England, Switzerland and Germany. I'll add you to the list!

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