Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Joy of Juicing

I got home from work today around 9:30 and was filled with the inevitable dread that accompanies making dinner post-normal eating hours. Until I saw that my spinach was looking like it was on its last day or so of life. And then I knew what had to be done and dread turned to joy. JUICE!!!

If you ask for a list of my hobbies, juicing will likely be included. It gives me that much pleasure. I have owned a series of juice extractors and have even successfully carted them in my luggage and onto planes. (Only one at a time, mind you...I'm not quite crazy enough for multiples. Yet.) If you don't own one, you should. That's all.

I'm normally a fan of Trader Joe's (a lovely grocery chain in fortunate parts of the USA). And when I say fan, I would happily shop there every day to buy out their supply of dark chocolate peanut butter cups. And peanut butter-filled, chocolate-covored pretzels. But I digress...juicing. Despite said love and devotion, I happened across one Trader Joe's advertisement that left a sour taste in my soul. None of that mouth business, it cut right to the core.
It felt like my best friend wanted to cut me, take my fabulous boyfriend for herself, and offer me an ugly replacement who is not a good kisser. If you're with me on this one, then yes. I did just call my juicer my boyfriend. And if you're not with's likely you're not alone. It's late.

We have no boyfriend-stealing Trader Joe's in Moscow (sadly!), so I was left to my juicing joy. And proceeded to spend the rest of the evening juicing nearly everything in sight. Russia does not have a great selection of greens, but I've still managed to make a successful variation of my favorite green juice mix. (Recipe included below). This country does, however, have some shockingly huge carrots. The average-sized lemon is included in the picture for scaling purposes.
They also have an endless supply of beets, so the red juice options (and ensuing stains) are endless.

After making three batches of juice, I decided I should actually drink some. And since juice doesn't feel quite right in a coffee mug, I opted for the only other glass that came with my apartment. A shot glass. When in Russia...

If you fancy a shot yourself, try the following:

Kale (If you live in Russia, disregard this non-existent ingredient)
1 Large Cucumber
2 Green Apples
1/2-1 Whole Lemon
Parsley (Do not accidentally use cilantro. It will not be a success and you will still feel obligated to drink it.)

Pick your own's part of the joy of juicing!


  1. I'm sorry but this sounds way too healthy for me.

    Now milkshakes on the other hand....

  2. The second you mentioned the pretzels, my mind strayed to 1/2 eaten calzone.


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