Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Someday

Remember when I bought a turkey and was ecstatic about my newly-found life purpose? That purpose being to stuff and cook said bird.

Well, it's still in my fridge. And I haven't exactly determined when Thanksgiving will take place in this household, but I'm preparing for it nonetheless. Pie crusts are made and filling them is on the itinerary for tomorrow. I've cubed and dried bread for stuffing and have all the ingredients to brine the bird. I'm adopting the whole "If you build it, they will come" approach. If I keep gradually preparing, maybe my schedule will open a window for bird bake-age. And, especially critical, maybe an oven will appear in which to do so. I'll keep you posted on the status of said Thanksgiving miracle.

Despite the lack of Thanksgiving in my household, I successfully crashed another Thanksgiving feast with the offering of a pecan pie. I don't care for nuts. Or pie really. But when you happen across hard-to-find pecans and have been told that it's your host's favorite? Done and done. It was always one of Grandpa Rhodes' favorites, so I happily enjoyed a trip down memory lane while making it. And given my love for multiple Thanksgivings, a pie was a small price to pay for Thanksgiving Round One.

Ate turkey, check. And more importantly stuffing, check. Pie, check. Gratitude? Feeling it.

Two years ago I celebrated my first Thanksgiving out of the country. In Moscow. And would have never guessed I'd be living here today. I'm so grateful for the unexpected. For the twists and turns in life that take you to places and in directions you yourself never imagined.

I'm grateful for possibility, for scheming and dreaming, for success and even for failure. I'm grateful for the ability to change, to grow, to adapt, and to learn. And to eventually become.

And most especially? I'm grateful for all the people that make the above possible.

Happy Thanksgiving! Round One...

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